The Bones of the Earth as a Skin
Lime and linen fiber
Dimensions range between 11”x14” and 40”x60”

These objects accompany the artwork The Stone for Burning, a photo series endeavoring to understand the historic production of lime (calcium oxide), contemporary material consumption and the ecological repercussions of mining and hot processing.

I am interested in the form of the “sheet,” as it appeals to and opposes the vocabulary of construction and industry. A sheet is a unit, repeated like bricks, blocks, and panes. Unlike a block, a sheet desires thinness, and its structural integrity is self-serving. These “sheets of lime” are not empty pages awaiting image, but material content within the internal structure of the membrane.

The title of this artwork imagines limestone quarries as deposits of bone, the calcium veins of the earth, mined to the surface and spread out as an architectural epidermis in the form of cements, blocks and mortars. 

These paper works were made with support from Dieu Donné Papermill Workspace Residency.