A Product of Sand Workshop Series
Sand, earth, bones, limestone, sandstone, cement, table salt, crystals, sea shells, eggshells, seaweed, kelp, borax, baking soda, cocoa, copper, bronze, iron, to name a few.

Central to this project were a series of workshops I hosted inviting the community to melt personalized glass formulas in the studio-gallery. Visitors were invited to bring sentimental materials to enhance their formulas — egg shells, sand, pebbles. As we melted each visitor’s recipes, not knowing how any one formula might come out, we engaged in a shared act of discovery.  Like the physical alteration of land into glass, we were able to reimagine site in flux, as color. In this community, a landscape with which we had become familiar — opaque, rigid — becomes fluid and colorful in a way that is foreign and unpredictable.

This project was made in collaboration with Samuel Ihrig and Wave Pool Gallery.